Artisanal Panettone: A Craft of Patience, Precision, and Care

Panettone is a widely produced product, lining store shelves around the world.  While its origins are in Italy, the Italian diaspora has spread panettone throughout the world.  Most of these internationally available products are still produced in Italy, and thus require an industrial production process in order for them to last the many months they will be shipping, sitting in warehouses, and then on store shelves.  As with many baked foods, there is a distinct difference when made fresh with high quality natural ingredients.

Antise Vancouver - Panettone Ingredients
Antise Vancouver carefully selects fresh premium ingredients produced both locally and imported from Italy.

At Antise Vancouver, we run a relatively small local production meant to give focus and care to the panettone we produce.  The ingredients are natural, fresh, and without preservatives.  Every component and every step of the process is guided with experienced eyes and hands.  The result is a panettone that is very moist and fluffy, retains its enveloping aroma, and has its full natural flavour.

antise vancouver yeast
The “lievito madre” is carefully attended to by Chef Emiddio Isernia.

Antise Vancouver’s traditional process takes 3 entire days to finalize each panettone.  Everything from timing to temperature and humidity are carefully monitored and controlled, both for each ingredient, and also for the production cycle itself.  We wish to share with you our love and effort in producing our panettoni in the following video:

Taste is a notoriously difficult concept to describe in detail.  Each person has a slightly individualized experience, and thus their interpretations vary.  While we can confidently say our Panettone is enjoyably moist, fluffy, aromatic and flavorful, we invite you to try it yourselves and share with us your experience.

Antise Vancouver has 3 distinct flavors of Panettone to choose from: classico, chocolate, and limoncello.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

We wish you a wonderful day 🙂

Antise Vancouver

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