Panettone is a very common and traditional Christmas gift in Italy, where food is always welcome. In this respect, Antise has created beautiful packaging that we feel properly represents its refined contents.

antise vancouver panettone with box


At Antise, we enjoy panettone as an experience, not just a food. In this respect, we recommend following a particular slicing method to best enjoy our panettone. Using a serrated knife, we recommend slicing 8 to 10 slices in the method detailed below:

Open the panettone bag and make sure to first smell all the flavor nuances. Once your appetite has been stoked, peel off the paper cup and cut the panettone in half, and then diagonally to the desired quantity of slices.


Our panettone is best served at room temperature. Our specific prolonged method of crafting allows it to be preserved for longer periods of time, so that immediate refrigeration is not required, diminishing the experience. Traditonally, panettone is best served with coffee, tea, or gelato (or ice cream). However, from our experience here in Vancouver, it also pairs very well with eggnog and dessert wines such as ice wines or passito (an Italian wine made from partially sundried grapes).

example of candied fruit in panettone

Storage and preservation

Antise’s panettone has a prolonged shelf life (31 days for the classico and chocolate, and 50 days for the limoncello). We recommend storing it in a plastic bag in a dark room like you would other kinds of bread. The panettone is best enjoyed as soon as possible of course, but will be almost equally delicious as time passes in any case.

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