Please note that Antise Vancouver delivers only to select locations in British Columbia. We encourage you to visit our Order Processing / Shipping page to see if you are covered by our service area and to read about our Production and Delivery cycles.

There is a flat rate fee of $7.00 per Panettone for delivery. We also offer a special bulk delivery discount of $7.00 per “Master Case” (box of 4 Panettoni). Ordering Panettoni in multiples of 4 allows us to offer you a heavy discount on delivery. (ie: Ordering 4 Panettoni is the same delivery charge as 1 Panettone). Your delivery charge is automatically calculated below as you change the quantity and click Update Cart.

Please note: If you wish to get our product in hand earlier, you may visit your local Di Beppe, Giovane Cafe, or Gourmet Warehouse to purchase one in person.

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