Emiddio and Antise

Born and raised in Italy, Emiddio moved to Vancouver in 2013, after his long professional journey in Italy. After graduating from culinary school in Naples, he started his journey in Positano, working as a commis de cuisine.

Emiddio’s passion and curiosity then lead him to explore the world of pastries and fall in love with it. After spending several years working on the beautiful Amalfi coast, he moved to Venice to work in a specialized pastry shop affiliated with the renowned Relais Desserts Association. He then returned home to a small town close to Naples to work with an AMPI (Italian Association of Pastry Chefs) pastry chef and further refine his skills.

In 2013, he competed in the Italian selection of the World Chocolate Master competition where he won the best chocolate cake and the best revisited tiramisu.

Revisited Tiramisu: Espresso soaked lady fingers, Guayaquil 64% dark chocolate cream, mascarpone cream, dark chocolate praline filled with liquid coffee.
"Equilibrium" Entremets: Cocoa short bread, mi-amere 58% dark chocolate ganache, cocoa biscuit charlotte, mandarine cremeux, three chocolate mousse, milk chocolate covered crispy cereals.

Emiddio then decided to move to Vancouver, where, after working on a vast array of projects, he started developing the idea and production behind Antise Vancouver.

Emiddio continues to expand his culinary knowledge through continued education, and keep up to date with the happenings of the pastry world.  The most prestigious and recent courses he has attended include: the CAST Alimenti in Italy and the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Patisserie, where he received an Expert Diploma in French Pastry Arts in April 2021.

Antise Vancouver - Panettone Ingredients

Anything we make at Antise goes through that process of experimentation, struggle, balance and finally awareness. We strongly believe that simplicity is both fun and challenging, and although we follow many strict traditional guidelines and rules, we also try and explore new avenues.

Do what you do, being sure that it is the best, and be willing to change the schemas when it is time to. This is the philosophy that helps us, no matter the conditions, in surfing that wave.

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