We thought about having a class which is both challenging and fun, with a little bit of team work, but leaving our guests in full control of the assembly and finish of their creation.
Pastry Chef

Antise Vancouver Pastry Lab - Pastry Classes

Maximum of 8

Class size is limited to 8 participants to ensure personal attention. No prior preparation or experience needed.

3 to 4 hrs

Socialize during, before and after our immersive class and make new friends

Baked treats

You will leave with your baked treats and great memories

Antise Vancouver is excited to present our all new professionally directed classes. Each class experience will take place at our Gastown Pastry Lab in an intimate environment with close up interaction and communication with the head chef and professional assistants. Classes include an aperitif, taste testing, and a final product for each participant to take home to share with family and friends.

Baking experience

Intimate and personal

Each class is a very personal experience with a maximum of 8 participants. The head chef and assistants will be constantly interacting and supervising your work and progress to ensure you leave with a successful product and experience.

Personal attention

Hands-on without the fuss

You will be creating separate components and assembling them into a final product by the end of class using pre-measured and organized ingredient lists presented in an easy to understand format. Some more time-consuming or dangerous components will be taught to all by the head chef in a closely viewed and explained demonstration.

Simplified hands-on learning

So much to experience

The Chefs will be explaining many technical details throughout the entire process. Furthermore, they will be explaining and demonstrating the creative flexibility with which the different components you will be making can be used in varied ways. The chef and assistants will be readily available to answer any questions you may have.

Delicious treats

Very rewarding

In addition to the professional hands-on knowledge you will be attaining, each guest will be treated to an aperitif, a taste testing of the final product made by the head chef, and will get to take home their own product creation and their own booklet copy of the recipe used in the class.

Rewarding baking experience

High quality

The composition and design of the products of each class are top class and only the very best quality ingredients are used in their creation.

High quality ingredients


The safety of our guests is of the utmost importance to us, and as such we demand the cooperation of all to ensure that everyone has a positively memorable experience. In any food environment, allergies are of key concern, and as such we are very transparent with all ingredient lists and possible cross-contaminations that may be present. When you sign up for any of our classes we will be available and engaged in ensuring they do not pose any danger to you.

Safe baking experience
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