Lemon Caramel Hazelnut Entremets

The idea for our first class was to realize a nutty rich cake with an intense chocolate flavour.

In this class each participant will be making their very own lemon, caramel and hazelnut entremets, as well as two fresh and citrusy individual lemon tartes. The cake is made of seven different elements that need to be systematically combined. It is a very selective balance of crunch, creamy, sweet, sour, nutty; all delectably rich. The tartes demonstrate how using some of the same components as the cake, you can create a variety of different desserts.

A participants final cake before packaging and bring it home.

Since the cake requires so many components, we will be guiding you through each one. You will be creating your very own pastry dough, hazelnut sponge and crunchy base, and drowning your cake with a rich gianduja glaze topped with your own decorative taste of garnish.

Participants roll the pastry dough component of the cake.

Our head chef for the evening will be demonstrating live and close-up the hot elements in creating the hazelnut praline, caramel, and lemon curd, which you will then use in fitting together your cake layers.

Chef Emiddio demonstrates close-up how to make the hazelnut praline.

At the end of the class the participants will be treated to an aperitif and taste testing of the cake and tarte the head chef created. Each participant will also take home with them the recipe book and both the cake and tarte they created during the class to share with family and friends.

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Safety Caution!

Where possible, our chefs will accommodate dietary constraints. That being said, this cake may have some ingredients that you are allergic to. Please review the full ingredient list below to check if you have any allergies. Please also note that any food prepared on and off site may contain trace elements of nuts and other allergens, so if you have any allergic sensitivity, please advise us and we can have a chat about your safety. The final decision on your safety in regards to allergens is yours alone. Allergies are the sole responsibility of the attendee and not of Antise Vancouver.

Ingredient List for the Lemon, Caramel and Hazelnut Entrements:

Butter, sugar, brown sugar, icing sugar, glucose, almonds, salt, eggs, wheat flour, hazelnuts, pure vanilla, honey, cream, lemon, milk chocolate, grape seed oil.