Italian Classics

Two of the most iconic Italian desserts from North and South Italy: the classic Tiramisu from the Veneto region and the Rhum Baba’ from Campania.

With this class we would like to teach you two of the most popular Italian Desserts. Specifically, our instructors will explain and follow you, step by step during the realization of the classic Tiramisu’ from Veneto, and Rhum Baba’ from Naples.

During this class we’ll also give you some ideas on how to plate those desserts so you can surprise your guests. At the end of the class, you will receive the recipe book and you will take home the desserts you will have made.                                                                                                                                                                     

In addition, we’ll show you how to temper the chocolate and some techniques you can use to make your own garnishes.

Classes begin at 3:30 pm until about 7:30 pm (timing can slightly vary accordingly with the pace of all the attendees).

If you wish to sign up for the next class, please visit our STORE to purchase tickets.

Safety Caution!

Where possible, our chefs will accommodate dietary constraints. That being said, this cake may have some ingredients that you are allergic to. Please review the full ingredient list below to check if you have any allergies. Please also note that any food prepared on and off site may contain trace elements of nuts and other allergens, so if you have any allergic sensitivity, please advise us and we can have a chat about your safety. The final decision on your safety in regards to allergens is yours alone. Allergies are the sole responsibility of the attendee and not of Antise Vancouver.

Ingredient List for the Italian Classics:

Tiramisu: Eggs, cream, mascarpone cheese, sugar, wheat flour, potato starch, coffee, cocoa, dark chocolate.

Rhum Baba’: Eggs, butter, sugar, wheat flour, salt, rhum, orange zestes, lemon zestes, cinnamon.