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Panettone is made from a leavened dough, and as such, kneading is a very important aspect of production that directly impacts the final result. This is a process that was traditionally done by hand. Typically, in an artisanal setting, doing things by hand is part of the appeal and also often correlates to a more advanced product. When producing products in higher volume however, this is often not realistic, and some parts of the process require special machinery. The twin-arm mixer was designed to mimic the conditions of traditional kneading of hand-made dough. Over decades of development, the machine has now become superior to human hands and results in a superior product. And of course, it also saves a considerable amount of time, allowing for more focus on other key aspects of production.

One of the key attributes of the twin-arm mixer is that it generates greater volume in the dough, developing a more oxygenated mixture. Thermal transfer is a very important consideration when working dough, and the oxygenation of the dough prevents it from heating up, something that often occurs with a planetary or spiral mixer. Heat can easily result in the butter component melting and completely ruining the dough. The machine’s exceptionally low mechanical friction as well as slow speed also help in this regard, and overall it is considered the most gentle form of mechanical dough mixing available.

twin arm mixer arms
The twin-arm mixer has two distinctly different hands with different but complimentary movement.

While working together, each arm in the mixer works with a different purpose. The left arm is fitted with a loopback mechanism that captures the dough, while the right arm (mixer arm) is designed to extend the dough. This combination is ideal for high hydration doughs such as panettone.  It obtains the maximum homogeneity and uniformity in the mixture. Since this is a machine, there are options to calibrate the movements as desired, and since everything is so perfectly coordinated, the result is an extremely accurate consistency. Components are made of stainless steel, and are easily sanitized and maintained.

antise vancouver emiddio twin arm mixer
Our good friend, the large twin-arm mixer, sits behind Emiddio as he handles the yeast.

The twin-arm mixer was the first piece of equipment that Antise Vancouver purchased to transition into creating small-business level volumes of panettone. It was purchased from a reputable Italian manufacturer in Italy, where there is much use and demand for this type of high-end machinery. We have a great appreciation for its contribution, spending much time and care experimenting with and calibrating the many features it offers, and continue to maintain it in peak condition for its daily work.


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