Antise’s Panettone is handmade with natural yeast originally dating back more than 70 years. The long and slow proofing process of 30 hours allows for development of nuanced flavors and aromas. Enriched with selected grains, premium butter, candied fruit and Madagascar Vanilla, we use only the best ingredients to yield a product that is a true ode to Italian artisanship and tradition.


This exquisite pastry is a symphony of textures, featuring crispy layers of ultra-thin dough, tender choux pastry, and a luscious filling. Crafting the Apollini is a true labour of love, given the intricate work required to perfect this delightful treat.⁠

Italian & Seasonal Specials

Indulge in our seasonal treats! From delightful Zeppole to exquisite Pastiera Napoletana, we’ve got your cravings covered. Savor the traditional flavors of Pastiera Napoletana or delight in the light and airy texture of our Zeppole.

Pastry Classes

Each class experience will take place at our Gastown Pastry Lab in an intimate environment with close up interaction and communication with the head chef and professional assistants. Classes include an aperitif, taste testing, and a final product for each participant to take home to share with family and friends.

Easter Eggs

For Easter, don’t miss out on our heavenly Easter Eggs, available in angelic and demonic varieties.

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