Afternoon Tea Pastry

Lovely mini threats to enjoy during the afternoon tea, realized combining different techniques.

For the ones who love afternoon tea, we thought about a class to show how to prepare some treats you can make and share with your friends.

The final products.

The class will be “hands on” and we’ll teach you how to prepare 5 sweet and savoury items, from classic Cantuccini (also known as “biscotti”) to Beignet with cheese mousse, walnuts and honey. We’ll cover a wide range of techniques, so after the class you’ll be able to replicate the items on your own.

A variety of delicious treats.

At the end of the afternoon, we’ll give you a box with the items you have made.

Classes begin at 3:30 pm until about 7:30 pm (timing can slightly vary accordingly with the pace of all the attendee).

If you wish to sign up for the next class, please visit our STORE to purchase tickets.

Safety Caution!

Where possible, our chefs will accommodate dietary constraints. That being said, this cake may have some ingredients that you are allergic to. Please review the full ingredient list below to check if you have any allergies. Please also note that any food prepared on and off site may contain trace elements of nuts and other allergens, so if you have any allergic sensitivity, please advise us and we can have a chat about your safety. The final decision on your safety in regards to allergens is yours alone. Allergies are the sole responsibility of the attendee and not of Antise Vancouver.

Ingredient List for the Afternoon Tea Pastry:

List of ingredients will vary accordingly with the items prepared for this specific class.