New Antise Vancouver Pastry Lab Classes

We thought about having a class which is both challenging and fun, with a little bit of team work, but leaving our guests in full control of the assembly and finish of their creation. We are very excited to announce that we are now offering classes at our Pastry Lab in Gastown. Each class experience … Read more

New Treats for the Coming Spring

With Spring fast approaching and soon thereafter Easter celebrations, we have been designing and crafting some new seasonal treats to share with you all. The first of these treats is an all new Panettone, the Apricot Almond! We delicately balanced apricot and almond flavors to create a unique depth that we think nicely compliments the … Read more

Introducing La Zeppola di San Giuseppe

For a while now we have been focussing our efforts on making the best panettone we can, and this year with some added research and development, we are continuing to do so with new techniques and new flavors. This being said, panettone isn’t the only talent we have. Antise Chef Emiddio Isernia has in the past … Read more

antise vancouver hanging panettoni

Order Deadlines for Christmas and New Years

We would like to inform everyone that as Christmas and New Years are fast arriving, we will be setting deadlines for order placement in order to best manage our production and delivery schedules. For Christmas orders, the deadline will be midnight (PST) Sunday, December 18th. All orders received up until then will be made available … Read more

Antise Vancouver Store Front

Antise Vancouver Opens This Sunday for the Holiday Season

We are extremely excited to inform everyone that our Holiday season is officially starting this Sunday!  On November 20th, 2022 (at 9:00am PST), our online store will open for pre-orders, with the first batch planned for baking the following Sunday, November 27th. This year much has changed; we have been working incredibly hard for many, … Read more

Antise Vancouver Emiddio Isernia making panettone

Montreal Panettone! – Antise Vancouver Delivers Panettone to Montreal

This year, Antise Vancouver is accepting orders for panettone from Montreal! We have expanded our online delivery Canada-wide with special discounted delivery rates. You can quickly receive fresh panettone straight to your door in Montreal or anywhere in Quebec. It can take as little as 3 days from when the panettone is finished being made … Read more

Antise Vancouver Emiddio Isernia making panettone

Toronto Panettone! – Antise Vancouver Delivers Panettone to Toronto

This year, Antise Vancouver is accepting orders for panettone from Toronto! We have expanded our online delivery Canada-wide with special discounted delivery rates. You can quickly receive fresh panettone straight to your door in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario even. It can take as little as 3 days from when the panettone is finished being … Read more

We will be open this Holiday Season

As the year-end holiday season approaches, we are excited to announce that Antise Vancouver will again be sharing our Panettone love with everyone. This continues to be an exciting year, with a new home for our small business (more details on that later), and with the new ability to share our Panettone with all of Canada. We … Read more

Go Solo Interview with Antise Chef Emiddio Isernia

Go Solo interviewed Antise chef Emiddio Isernia this past week.  You can read the interview here: Here is a copy of the interview. Expertly Crafted Panettone Made Fresh to Order – Antise Vancouver by Team Subkit Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in food and beverage but unsure what to expect? Then read … Read more

antise vancouver panettone classic with box cover

Gifting Panettone for the Holidays

As outlined in A Fun History of Panettone, this sweet bread delicacy has been a traditional seasonal staple in Italy for a long time, and has spread around the globe as well. While an enjoyable treat in any occasion at any time of the year, panettone’s tradition is strongly ingrained in Christmas. As yeast was … Read more

chocolate in cioccolato cocoa photo

The Chocolate in Cioccolato

For our Panettone Cioccolato to live up to its name (yes, cioccolato directly translates to chocolate in Italian), of course we must be very particular with the chocolate itself. The type of chocolate is very important, but also the size of the pieces, its distribution, and the level to which it melts. In addition to … Read more

antise vancouver twin arm mixer cover

The Twin-Arm Mixer – Our Robotic Hands

Panettone is made from a leavened dough, and as such, kneading is a very important aspect of production that directly impacts the final result. This is a process that was traditionally done by hand. Typically, in an artisanal setting, doing things by hand is part of the appeal and also often correlates to a more … Read more

antise vancouver candied fruit

Candied Fruit in the Traditional Panettone

Candied fruit, or “canditi” in Italian, is a typical component of a classic Panettone alongside raisins.  It is a reminder of the holidays, and can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike.  This enjoyment, however, it is also quite divisive, and is a line drawn with no consideration for age, exposure, or any other … Read more

antise vancouver lievito madre yeast

Yeast – The Heart of the Panettone Production

Did you know that each and every Panettone we produce shares the same 70-year-old yeast from Italy? In Italian, this is referred to as the “Lievito Madre,” which literally translates to “mother yeast.”  Typically, when we bake, we have our recipe, collect our ingredients, and follow a specific process.  Most ingredients can be found readily … Read more

midieval bakers

A Fun History of Panettone

The history of panettone is full of fun folklore and variable origin stories, most dependent on the nonna with whom you last spoke.  The product is a staple of Italian Christmas tradition, and with annual production numbers globally around 120 million panettoni, it is no wonder that everyone wishes to volunteer their own version of … Read more

antise vancouver hanging panettoni

Artisanal Panettone: A Craft of Patience, Precision, and Care

At Antise Vancouver, we run a relatively small local production meant to give focus and care to the panettone we produce.  The ingredients are natural, fresh, and without preservatives.  Every component and every step of the process is guided with experienced eyes and hands.  The result is a panettone that is very moist and fluffy, retains its enveloping aroma, and has its full natural flavour.

Antise Vancouver Emiddio Isernia making panettone Website and Online Store Open Today

Emiddio Isernia and Antise Vancouver are pleased to announce the opening of our online store at, where you can now order our freshly produced Artisanal Panettone from the comfort and safety of your home for delivery to major cities in British Columbia.

STIR: Italian-born Vancouver Chef Reaches Peak Pastry Skill with Panettone

This past December Emiddio Isenia of Antise Vancouver was interviewed at STIR, an Arts and Culture publication in the Vancouver area. You can read the original article by Gail Johnson here: SOME CALL IT the Everest of baking: of all the breads in the world, panettone is one of the hardest to make. Labour-intensive … Read more